The Dark Arts Special Effect Show at Hogwarts Castle

Universal Studios Hollywood ©

The Dark Arts Special Effect Show at Hogwarts Castle special effect show has been showcasing at Universal Studios for about a month now. This one is for all the Slytherin House wizards and witches out there. As the beautiful night sky falls with the stars in the sky so does the darkness. The dementors, death eaters and other dark creatures rise as they await for Lord Voldemort.

The Dark Arts Special Effect Show

This special effects show is only at Universal Studios Hollywood and located at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The projection mapping is directly shown on Hogwarts Castle. The show begins at night only usually around 8pm or later. The first preview month has passed already but do not worry the guests who missed the month of April can still visit in May 25th to 27th.

The best areas to stand for the show are actually not near the castle. It is better to stand near Hogsmeade rather than the right side of Hogwarts Castle. This will help while watching the show since the audience does have to look upwards. Stand to close and you can hurt your neck a little.

Universal Studios Orlando fans will need to wait longer. No dates have been confirmed yet but it will be later this year. It also might or might not be the same show. Usually two different Parks don’t typically always have the same programs in effect. In case, you do not want to wait and do not mind a major spoiler alert than watch the video below.

Universal Studios Hollywood © The Dark Arts Special Effect Show at Hogwarts Castle 2019

The Dark Arts Special Effect Show Music and Effects

For all the Potterhead’s who enjoy the music in the films are in for a treat. In case, you have not heard there has been a new piece of music score created by John Williams. Guests will hear the music for the first time during the show. This will be the third projection/special effects show Universal Studios has created. This show and the past shows they have done are for a limited time and usually do not return after the set dates.

Past Special Effects Shows

For those who are curious or has never been able to visit to see some former shows Universal Studios has created than you are in some good luck. Thanks to visitors who vlog or Universal like to create fan videos and upload them to YouTube. Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle and The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle.


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