Just like any fan some of our favorite things to do as a fan is go shopping for merchandise. Good majority of huge blockbuster films create merchandise before or after the films release. Throughout the years there have been thousands upon thousands of merchandise sold. The thing is items tend to not stay the same in stores for that long.

Each time I was able to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter there was always something new that would catch my eye. This part of the park opened in April 2016. I was one of the lucky many that was able to visit during their opening week.

I was able to buy my Gryffindor lanyard in which I could put my pass in (I’m a Platinum member), a large keychain that was the Gryffindor crest (it’s pretty neat since the middle attachment spins), of course I had to buy at least one keychain that had all the Hogwarts houses (it also had my name on it which I love because it makes you feel even more part of it as a fan), and a limited edition pin in which you could only get at the counter (they only had this during the opening).

The nice cashier actually gave it to me when he noticed I was a long time Potterhead, plus this is my hometown so hometown perks. Plus our conversation was a bit funny since he was a Slytherin so we were poking jokes at each other.

I sadly wasn’t able to buy my wand because I spent so much money on other stuff. However I knew I would be back so that just gave me an excuse to save up to buy The Elder Wand. The wand merchandise is something that stays at the park and doesn’t change. This is nice for tourists because they aren’t able to visit all the time like I’m able to.

What if your not going in the park? That’s no problem since their is a nice small shop outside of the park filled with everything Harry Potter but their are many items that are exclusive to inside the park.     

Universal Studios Hollywood 2016 ©

During winter however they sell mittens, scarfs, socks, hats, hoodies and such. I was able to buy some of my favorite items like the scarf, mittens (try before you buy because guaranteed this will not fit all hands but I happen to have long nails and it actually fit), and three new pins in different styles such as the Gryffindor crest, ribbon style with a small lion attached and the other random items.

Basically by this point my lanyard is heavy. Plus during Christmas time they have all the lights, extra decorations, and even snow on all the roofs of the shops. We can’t forget the Hogwarts style Christmas tree in which is huge. There was smaller ones however located in the bigger stores and one in the castle.

There are some items besides the wands that are usually there all year long. Like the stuffed animals, notecards, playing cards, notebooks, pencils, bookmarks and such related to school supplies. I did buy the playing cards and the notebook mostly because I do like to write and play cards.

There is also the bookmark in which I love because it’s not your usual design, it’s different and thick. Can’t forget my matching wallet and special Gryffindor pen (pen is actually heavy for a pen so you can’t write for long periods of time).

All this I was able to accomplish during my visit about four times. My last was not so much as a visit but a top by because I was going there for the day to attend The Voice tv show in which is filmed in Universal Studios.

I did manage to sneak in the store since I had plenty of time before we had to go to the garage level of the parking lot. I bought my Gryffindor necklace with a cute ruby stone attached. I actually have not taken it off since I bought it.

There are a lot of shops so it can get confusing fast. My favorite shops is the Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods which is located at the very back of the park, Ollivanders Wand Shop which is a must stop in buying your very first wand, and Honey dukes for anyone’s sweet tooth.


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