Today is the first day of November. This marks the countdown for the holiday season. Now I understand for many November is marks Thanksgiving weekend but that’s usually only for people who live in the United States. For the majority of the world however it’s the countdown to Christmas. I do honestly prefer Christmas over Thanksgiving. Decorating the tables is very much enjoyable for me for both holidays as I do love to decorate.

A countdown for me begins with the outdoor weather. By now in my hometown the weather has finally cooled down. You would think once it’s September it would but in a way it does not until mid-October. The outdoor colors of nature do change colors early, which is lovely to see every season. Once it reaches mi-November then I know Christmas is near. It happens to be my favorite time of the year next to the Summer season.

It’s not just about decorating, the Christmas tree, ornaments and such. It’s also about winter fashion. I get to bundle up cozy while staying stylish at the same time. This also means I get to wear my favorite Gryffindor scarf, which I still get complements on after close to 3 years. It’s special because it has The House animal and the name Gryffindor snitched on the scarf. Best part is I can reserve sides with the house colors.

Did you know more then 160 countries around the world celebrate Christmas. Each tradition in each country is a little different but also similarities as well.

Hogwarts however did not celebrate Thanksgiving as it is am American holiday. I do like to think however the staff and students would have enjoyed having a feast because it brings everyone together. I can imagine The Great Hall decorated with fresh pumpkins, autumn leaves, colorful autumn candles, centerpieces and even a large cornucopia on all the tables. I think the Headmaster Dumbledore would have loved to see that just as much as the rest of Hogwarts. In the meantime time I get to think about all the amazing cooking and smells in the kitchen I get to experience when I am cooking a Thanksgiving feast.


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