• Universal Orlando

    Magical World of Hogwarts in the Warner Bros. Tour in London

    As today marks the first day of Christmas around the world I am very excited. However as a fellow Gryffindor I look forward to celebrating some of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry traditions during this Christmas time. What better way to begin then the first sight of snowfall. It brings in the magic of Christmas alive even more. Kind of like the icing on the cake. Now not all of us live in London, United Kingdom and I can not just hope on a airplane to travel to Europe. I have actually never been to Europe and here is hope one day I can finally visit. Before that actually…

  • Universal Studios Hollywood

    Summer Time at Universal Studios 2018

    We sure love summer, I know I do. It means vacation time for students and college students. Summer time work can sometimes be less hectic versus colder seasons. However that is not true for theme parks across the world, especially in my home state of California. We have it all here. From studio tours to Universal Studios/Citywalk. Summer is the best time to visit all these places. Not only that sometimes they have special events just for the summer. Here is my tour guide to Universal Studios and Citywalk from a SoCal resident. If you happen to know a SoCal resident it is best to ask us the tourist questions,…

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