Accio Alley was founded on April 2018. The reason Rose decided to create a Harry Potter themed blog is because of the experience, passion and love of fantasy books she has had since a young age. She also wanted to blog her ideas and not have to wait for someone else to do it. Knowing there are many fan made blogs from all over the world it would become a challenge for her to create something different.

The best way for anyone to create something unique is to first research to see what others offer or what they do not. This helps creative thinking to know what direction she wanted to go in. Like any blog or website it all starts with the name. Majority of the common names were already taken, even for character or actor names. This proved to be a challenge but after lots of brainstorming and testing out domain names it is how Accio Alley was born.

Accio Alley was almost not going happen because the books and films have all been already released between the years 2001-2011. It has been nine years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released. It was around the same time Rose graduated from High School so it felt like an ending from growing up with the series.

One might think so what is the purpose starting a blog now about a series that has been written plenty by other blogs. The reason is like any major fan is the passion, being able to write, share new stories, share new memories, come up with new ideas and even get to experience future movies being released while having a blog.

With the Fantastic Beasts being the brand new series for this generation it felt simply perfect time to creating this blog. A new era means new everything and it feels like going back to just being eleven years old when the first book of Harry Potter was released. These series plans to be about five films over the course of the next few years between 2016 – 2024. Rose is excited to see all the films and how the blog will shape up in the coming years.

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