20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary for Harry Potter franchise and books

For my very first post it was only right to share the news for the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter. There was a two hour special that was broadcasted on US tv the other night. J.K Rowling showcased a different side and what inspired her when she was actively writing the legendary trilogy. It was definitely a must watch for all fans.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Scholastic 2018 © Artwork by Brian Selznick

The novels for this special occasion received newly designed art done by Brain Selznick. The publisher Scholastic revealed the paperback editions for all seven books. The fourth book, Goblet of Fire is a personal favorite because it featured the other academies and the dangerous Triwizard Tournament. Followed by the seventh book Deathly Hollows because it was the icing on the cake on this more then decade long journey.

Each book cover is different and if the reader were to place them next to each other it reveals the image above. Can you guess how many times Harry Potter has been illustrated on the covers? or how about the other characters showcased by name? I actually will not be purchasing the entire collection because I already own the original and the house version. I plan on buying my personal favorites only but knowing me I tend to change my mind sometimes to much. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Scholastic 2018 © Artwork by Brian Selznick

All fans can now pre-order but be advised each book must be pre-ordered separately. From viewing the website it looks the the Collection Set is not available yet. According to Scholastic UK the release date is 28 June 2018 and for the United States the release date is 26 June 2018 (2018 September for the Collection Box) according to Pottermore.

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